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1. Our musicplayer is available on the artist page and the startpage. Just click the playbutton to start the playing the song and the player loops through every song on the page.

The musicplayer only works with latest versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer and Safari on 10.4.?+. Sry. Opera users!

2. The song. Click to play only the song, or download it or read the lyrics.

3. The artist. Click to find all songs on the page from the artist, read information or visit the official webpage.

4. Tha parody. This box appears when a song is a parody. Click it to listen to the original(redirect to

Legal stuff - licenses.

Most of the music is released with a Creative commons license. Thats means you are free to redistribute and in some cases sell and/or remix the music. Check the artist page to read the license.

Some music is copyrighted, without additional license. Its the music we have got permission to use directly from the artist.

Some music is believed to be some sort of public domain. Its music thats been online on the net for many years, is well spread, have less or none commercial uses(no cd's etc) and are believed to directly or indirectly has been spread by the artist. If thats not the case, _please contact us for removal_.

What music dont i find here?

Copyrighted music - if you find it on a cd from an established artist you probably dont find it here. We have some promotion music from for example Weird Al but if you want to hear "eat it" you just need to buy the cd ffs.

Im a whiny corporation and xxx(like "star trek", "star wars") are trademarked.

Fair use.

I have trademarked the word "the" or some other common word like "absolute" and wants 1000$ for ever instance its used.

Moron insult)

Is someone that stupid?


Im an artist...

If you want us to add your music, _click here_.

If you have some music on our page and want a link to your store, want you guys to promote my cd, found some error in the lyrics or have any suggestions/comments. _Please contact us_.

Are you interested of a low credit loan for 2000 via*ra pi**s?

Yeah, just use _this form_.

Thats all?